Military Dating

When you are over 50, you are familiar with the term “older women.” Instead of allowing this term to bother you, think of it as a benefit. There are many advantages you have in dating that you did not have when you were younger. If you think of these advantages, they can all be in your favor when you start dating.

First, you have gained self-confidence over the years. When you like yourself, and appreciate the person you have become, it is one of your most attractive features. A healthy sense of self-esteem is impossible for men to resist. You can capture and hold the interest of men who are looking for someone like you.

Second, your maturity is an advantage. Military men, especially, do not have the time or energy to cope with young women who always want their own way. As a mature woman, you have learned how to compromise, and know how give-and-take is an essential part of a solid relationship. You know a good relationship is not always about focusing on yourself. Maturity is a characteristic that can make dating and marriage positive experiences.

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